Online Lectures

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For a video of Dr. Cline’s lecture on 1177 BC, given in October 2016, which has been watched more than five million times on YouTube to date, go to:


For an earlier video of Dr. Cline’s lecture on 1177 BC, given in February 2015 at the Oriental Institute in Chicago, go to

Additional YouTube Videos (posted by others)

1177 BC Book of the Semester lecture, Brigham Young University, November 2016 (posted 11/15/2016) – ca. 60 views:

1177 BC/The Collapse of Cities and Civilizations at the End of the Late Bronze Age, Yale University, July 2016 (posted 12/5/2016) – ca. 750 views:

1177 BC lecture at the Getty Museum, May 2016 (posted 6/14/2016) – ca. 3,200 views:

1177 BC lecture at Long Now Society, San Francisco, January 2016 (posted 1/28/2016) – ca. 850 views: (full length video is behind a pay wall)

1177 BC lecture at the University of Wisconsin, December 2015 (posted 7/14/2016) – ca. 165 views:

1177 BC/Sailing the Wine Dark Seas lecture at the Philosophical Society of Washington, October 2015 (posted 10/25/2015) – ca. 650 views:

Jerusalem Besieged lecture, University of Texas at Austin, April 2015 (posted 4/7/2015) – ca. 470 views:

1177 BC lecture at the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, February 2015 (posted 4/6/2015) – ca. 135,000 views:

1177 BC interview on The Costa Report, September 2014 (posted on 9/23/2014) – ca. 350 views:

1177 BC lecture at the National Book Festival, August 2014 (posted 9/10/2014) – ca. 330 views:

See also: John Green, The End of Civilization (in the Bronze Age), Crash Course World History 211 (posted 10/3/2014) – ca. 1.3 million views:
[NB: entire 13-minute-long episode is based on 1177 BC; I am mentioned by name and quoted from 10:45-11:00 minute mark]

Podcasts and Other Recordings (posted by others)

Raiders of the Faux Ark lecture, Orange County, CA (8/22/2016):

Excavating Armageddon lecture, Orange County, CA (8/22/2016):

1177 BC lecture, Orange County, CA (8/21/2016):

1177 BC interview on Ancient Greece Declassified, Episode 2 (8/11/2016):

1177 BC interview with Josh Marshall (10/7/2016):

1177 BC interview with New Books Network (10/7/2015):

1177 BC interview with John Batchelor (9/19/2015):

1177 BC interview with Hugh Hewitt (5/28/2014) – transcript only:

1177 BC interview with The Book and the Spade, parts 1 and 2 (4/3/2014 and 4/9/2014)): and

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Dr. Cline has presented more than 300 scholarly and public lectures on his work to a wide variety of audiences both nationally and internationally, including at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, as well as the Getty Villa and the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles. If you are interested in having him speak to your group, please contact him via the information listed on the “Contact” page.

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